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K Chick Jewelry
Why blend in when you were born to stand out?

Welcome to K Chick Jewelry!

Jewelry is a fun way to express you, your style, or just today’s mood. Unique jewelry designs make a statement. I hope you enjoy your search for pieces that express you! Show us what you choose in my Customer Gallery.

To care for your pieces wipe gently with a soft cloth when needed. Never put them in any jewelry cleaner or allow them to get wet. Store your jewelry in individual bags with an anti-tarnish strip or hang in a jewelry box to discourage tangles. You can, also,  lay a couple of anti-tarnish strips in your jewelry case. Keep in mind that all metals can develop a natural patina that will only enhance your one of a kind piece.

My hummingbird logo was crafted by my talented, tech savvy friend of beautiful gemstones. Ruby, emerald, mother-of-pearl….and amethyst. The beautiful, delicate hummingbird is also strong, resilient and fierce. Reminding me of women, which is why I chose it to represent my designs. The Spanish nicknamed them Flying Jewels.

I use turquoise, aquamarine, jasper, mother of pearl, peridot and many other semi-precious gemstones in my unique jewelry designs. Every time I sit down to design I fall in love with those gemstones all over again, the rich caramel of carnelian, the soft sheen of pearls, jet black onyx, the incredible variety of quartz.  Incorporating wood,  metals and leather to bring out their natural beauty.  All this talk of gemstones is making me miss my beauties, I think I’ll go reacquaint myself……….

Hang out as long as you like, come back often, and remember my Flying Jewels, you are unique, strong and beautiful!

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7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Kristen, Is there a way to make payment on line or am I to send a check?

    1. It should have taken you through Pay Pal. Did it not do that?


    2. Kevin,
      I am so sorry! I checked into that. The check option was not supposed to be there. I have it fixed now, if you want to complete your order I can get it in the mail tomorrow.

  2. I don’t see any way to finish the purchase on line.
    I can go ahead and send a check if that is OK. Or
    if you can tell me how to go ahead and finish the
    purchase on line.

    1. Sure that’s just fine. I am so sorry about this!
      Just mail the check to:
      Kristen Mesker
      203 Sage Dr.
      Smiths Grove KY 42171

      I will mail your earrings as soon as I have the funds.
      Again I am so sorry! You shouldn’t have had to deal with this.

      1. No problem Kristen. Love your work. I wish I had more time to do Leatherworking. We moved to this little town in TN and have been building a small house. It’ll take me a few more months to finish. I have some ideas that I want to do. Do me a favour and don’t put the earrings in the mail until Monday, April 11th. That way I will get them while the wife is in Texas visiting her sisters. Thanks again. -Kevin.

        1. Thank you!
          I’ll hold the earrings for you. I’ll be waiting on check and for it to clear anyway 🙂


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